About Us

Last updated by Admin at 2014-08-05 19:34:39

App Review Exchange is a platform for mobile app developer to exchange their review and rating for promote their app. Now its very difficult to maintain higher rating on app store. iTune store and Google play store viewing apps according to their rating and review, so high rating and good reviews are very essential for app promotion, download and selling.

Reviews and ratings are considered as 'metadata for search'. Everybody is aware of the fact that the importance of reviews cannot be underrated in today's scenario. Apple's and Android new app store algorithm is based totally on ratings and reviews not only downloads.

Big gaming studios somehow manage to get downloads and reviews because of their associations but here it becomes tough for the Indie gaming studios to receive such huge ratings. App Review Exchange makes it easier for the Indie developers to exchange reviews and improve their ratings on the app store and ensure discoverability which is difficult as of now.

It is true that every indie gaming studios who face the same problem, therefore here is a platform that can mend your problem and helps both (Publisher/Reviewer) get better ratings for your app. App Review Exchange is a stage, which works in coordination with the publisher. It serves as a mutual beneficial platform for both the Reviewer and Publisher.

The Publisher registers the app on the App Review Exchange website and with the help of other Publisher/Reviewer gets reviews and ratings for its app.